Pricing and Delivery

Prices and Sizes

We have different prices to suit your budget.  Please call us to get your business listed in the flyer and online.

All our flyers include:

  • Printed in Full Color
  • Advice and Editorial Support (Proofing)
Advert Size Measurements Price
FRONT PAGE [H] 192mm x [W] 150mm £395
BACK PAGE [H] 210mm x [W] 150mm £350
FULL PAGE [H] 210mm x [W] 150mm £295
HALF PAGE [H] 100mm x [W] 150mm £155
THIRD PAGE [H] 65mm x [W] 130mm £95
FIFTH PAGE [H] 40mm x [W] 130mm £55


Printing and Publishing Dates

We run our publication multiple times per year,  Each copy is hand delivered to approximately 12,500 homes and businesses.

With your delivery you are guaranteed.

  • Hand Delivery to 12,500 Homes in Antrim and Randalstown
  • Guaranteed Delivery
Final Copy Delivery Commences
12th September 2019 26th September 2019
17th October 2019 31st October 2019
14th November 2019 28th November 2019